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Why Lafayette, LA is a Great Place to Run a Business

Sep 22, 2023


Nestled at the heart of South Louisiana’s Cajun Country, Lafayette stands as a region rich in innovation, business acumen, and limitless possibilities. From a pipeline of exceptional talent to a flourishing technology sector, it’s no surprise Lafayette is considered a hub for those poised to craft their own narrative of success.

Here’s the top reasons Lafayette, LA is a great place to run a business.


A Supportive Ecosystem


Mentorship & Guidance

Lafayette is more than a location; it’s a supportive environment that recognizes the essential role of mentorship and available funding in promoting entrepreneurial development. Emerging business leaders are welcomed by a community that offers the means to turn concepts into tangible accomplishments.

The journey of Something Borrowed Blooms, a trailblazing rent-and-return floral company based in Lafayette, highlights this. With the support of experienced mentors, CEO Lauren Bercier and Co-Founder Laken Swan turned their innovative concept into a nationally recognized brand. The women-led business recently secured a contract to place their premium silk flower collections in 50 David’s Bridal locations nationwide. With this new partnership, they anticipate to be scaling up to nearly 2,500 orders a month by fall 2023—a significant increase from the 600 orders they were fulfilling a month just two years ago, in 2021. This real-world example showcases how strongly Lafayette’s mentoring culture propels startups beyond their initial goals.


Accessible Capital

In Lafayette, capital isn’t just available; it’s within easy reach for dedicated entrepreneurs. The city’s financial framework is built to ignite business aspirations, enabling startups to secure the necessary funds for growth. Like Something Borrowed Blooms, which secured funding through various channels, business owners in Lafayette can tap into a range of financing options to drive their success including incubator programs that help connect them with investors like the Opportunity Machine. It’s this very commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial community that puts South Louisiana on the map.


Infrastructure and Neighborhoods


Prime Shipping & Receiving Routes

The ability to secure a global footprint is key to expansion, and Lafayette, LA thrives on a robust infrastructure that caters to businesses’ diverse market accessibility needs. This is one of the many factors that allowed Something Borrowed Blooms to put their products in the hands of brides and event planners nationwide and participate in approximately 1% of the U.S. wedding industry. With 7 ports, 4 rails systems, and 2 commercial airports in the region—entrepreneurs can not only streamline their operations, but also scale smoothly.


Diverse Spaces for Unique Ventures

One size doesn’t fit all in Lafayette, especially when it comes to neighborhoods. The city offers an array of neighborhoods, each with its distinct character and amenities. Whether entrepreneurs seek a bustling urban atmosphere or a tranquil suburban setting, Lafayette has an ideal location to suit their business needs. This diversity ensures that business owners can find a space that aligns with their company’s identity and goals.


Workforce & Business Incentives


Lafayette’s success is built on the shoulders of a highly educated workforce that continually paves the way for progress. The presence of esteemed academic institutions, coupled with a commitment to lifelong learning, results in a pool of skilled professionals ready to contribute to the business landscape.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can take advantage of one of the nation’s highest rated workforce training programs, LED FastStart, Louisiana’s respective talent initiative that enables business owners to employ highly qualified personnel who can integrate seamlessly into their operations with as little downtime as possible.


Enriching Quality of Life


Lafayette isn’t just about work—it’s about living life to its fullest. The city’s matchless quality of life enhances the experiences of entrepreneurs and their teams, striking a balance between work and leisure. From vibrant cultural scenes to incredible Cajun food, and breathtaking natural beauty, Lafayette offers a diverse range of experiences that refresh, inspire, and fuel creativity. Furthermore, those moving into the area can feel the genuine sense of community shown by locals, making it easy for newcomers to get acclimated into their new home and make friends to pass a good time with.


Ready to Run a Business in Lafayette, LA?


Lafayette’s commitment to both financial prosperity and personal well-being cements its status as an entrepreneurial haven. From accessible capital to a solid infrastructure that supports ventures, Lafayette is more than just a city; it’s a thriving region of opportunity.

If you’re interested in investing in a nurturing environment that enables your business and your family to flourish, One Acadiana’s South Louisiana Economic Development program is here to guide you through the process. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the insights and resources you need to craft your own success story—right here in Cajun and Creole Country.

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