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Southern Success Stories: Something Borrowed Blooms

Jun 1, 2021

The winning combination of economic investment opportunity, talent, and creativity makes South Louisiana a playground for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is a place where startups have access to everything needed to flourish into successful, nationally recognized companies.

One such business leading the way in its creative approach is Something Borrowed Blooms, a unique Lafayette-based floral delivery company established in 2015. Something Borrowed Blooms has found a way to make wedding flowers more affordable, convenient, and reusable. Lauren Bercier, CEO, and founder of the company is making her mark in the wedding industry and gaining accolades for her innovative approach along the way.

For Joy, Life, and Love

South Louisiana is known for its “Joi de Vivre” or joy of living. From the esteemed culinary offerings, to its breathtaking landscapes, South Louisiana has put itself on the map as a premier wedding destination. The majestic scenery is perfect for couples seeking a wedding that is both traditional and unique. This dream wedding, however, often comes with a high price tag.

Something Borrowed Blooms differentiates itself in the wedding industry by providing brides with a rent-and-return system that allows for the perfect, high-end wedding day flowers without the high cost. Traditional florists are unable to reuse live flowers the same way Something Borrowed Blooms can with silk flowers.

Something Borrowed Blooms’ innovative approach has garnered the start-up national attention. Out of more than 13,000 applicants from around the US, Something Borrowed Blooms won the Bronze Award at the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest in 2019. As a result, the company has been showcased in FedEx’s advertising and promotional materials making them a household name. “It was a huge deal for us. FedEx decided to feature Something Borrowed Blooms in all of their marketing campaigns for the next two years,” says Bercier. “It’s been really amazing to be recognized in such a national, global way.”

Perfected Petals

For most modern brides, the idea of flowers is a must, but the cost can be prohibitive. Something Borrowed Blooms’ system allows brides to have premium silk flowers at up to 70 percent less than their competitors.

This approach paid off. After only a few years in business, the company was steadily providing services to more than 300 weddings each month in 2019. The company is currently fulfilling more than 600 weddings each month with a goal of more than 1,000 weddings by the end of 2021. Something Borrowed Blooms ability to provide flowers for a wide variety of tastes and styles partnered with their exceptional customer service makes them the go-to business for many brides. “We’re always doing what’s right for the customer,” says Bercier.

Most recently, the company won the New Orleans 12th Annual IDEAPitch Competition, securing a $50,000 investment. The event gave Something Borrowed Blooms a platform to showcase how they are not only revolutionizing the wedding industry, but also how to thrive in all levels of business.

Success Starts in South Louisiana

The investment South Louisiana puts into local businesses is allowing them to experience significant growth out of the gate. There is no question South Louisiana creates a foundation for success when it comes to innovative businesses. From award-winning distilleries to creative floral companies and disruptive tech startups, the area offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality.

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