What is FastStart?

Jul 1, 2022

Your management team is considering the relocation of the company. Will there be a workforce ready to fill vacant positions? How quickly can you staff them? More importantly, does your target location have a program in place to accommodate your business? If you’re considering South Louisiana, it does—and FastStart is its name.

Get a Head Start With FastStart

Louisiana FastStart is the state’s response to one of the largest challenges many businesses face when relocating or first starting up—talent. Many industries considering a move need to know that they can hit the ground running with a dedicated workforce. Being and remaining competitive is never more critical than when you commit resources to a national move or first plan to open your doors.

In other states, there have been spectacular failures. Open positions remain unfilled due to a lack of trained employees. Vocational programs are too slow to adapt, attract learners, and graduate qualified entry-level workers. Louisiana decided to do something different. FastStart became the state’s answer to meet the needs of businesses relocating to the state. For qualifying industries, it recruits, screens, and trains employees to not only meet the needs of that industry, but also the unique requirements of the businesses that sign up for it. And, it’s been incredibly successful. The program has won national awards for nine consecutive years—all while being completely free for businesses that take advantage of it!

Better Training Builds Better Employees

FastStart team members connect with your company. Together with your team, they analyze your corporate needs. There are several tools the team uses to pinpoint the requirements that are unique to your industry and your company. From there, they match the data to a prospective recruitment pool.

Team members reach out to upcoming college graduates, host career fairs, engage job seekers online, and connect via social media with potential recruits. These are individuals who have a background in your field or needed skills. Further narrowing down the field, you and the team select the candidates that match your requirements the best.

Finally, the training takes place. The right set of candidates undergo the training they need to become assets to your company. That training is approached differently, depending on the industry you’re in and the needs of your company, in order to maximize the success rate of your soon-to-be workforce.

FastStart supports fields such as distribution, research and development, manufacturing, business operations, and digital media. If you can commit to developing between 15 and 50 new, permanent jobs, the program commits to you.

Who Says Nothing Free is Worth It?

You want to see productivity on opening day. Louisiana offers to deliver a workforce that can do it. More importantly, the state offers to do so without charging you a dime. It makes the state not just an attractive destination for incoming industries, but it also saves you money in the process.

You know that you will be able to open up with a fully staffed venue. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a third party to send you temporary workers. In this way, FastStart paves your way for commercial success. Find out more by connecting with us to request additional information.

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