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South Louisiana: Where Businesses Thrive

Apr 2, 2024

A low cost of living, generous tax incentives, and an exceptional quality of life are just some of the many factors that make South Louisiana a place where businesses thrive. Here, the sense of community extends far beyond southern hospitality; it encompasses a network of individuals and organizations working collectively to ensure the growth and development of their neighbors. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the red-hot business environment of our nine-parish region, showcasing real examples of recent developments that highlight South Louisiana’s commitment to fostering economic success and continued progress. 


Opportunity Machine’s Builder Program 2.0


Opportunity Machine (OM), an integral player in supporting startups in Acadiana, recently launched its Builder Program 2.0. This initiative goes beyond traditional startup support, providing technical assistance, access to national mentors, and tailored education for high-growth startups. The program, which has attracted 20 startups from across South Louisiana in its first round post-launch, signifies a significant step forward in cultivating the region’s startup community. The Builder Program 2.0 addresses challenges faced by new tech founders, such as helping them navigate financial growth strategies, gaining market share, and even partnering with local universities to tap into its talent pipelines. With an invaluable business resource like this at their fingertips, it’s no surprise why more and more entrepreneurs are choosing South Louisiana as their hub to grow and scale.


Stuller’s $7 Million Expansion


Stuller, a jewelry manufacturer and the largest private employer in Lafayette Parish, recently announced a $7 million expansion project. The investment will allow the business to boost its manufacturing and packaging capabilities while creating five new full-time jobs in the process. Adopting forward-thinking strategies like this to stay ahead of market demands is no new territory for Stuller, though. The announcement comes just three short years after a successful $5 million project in 2021. To help make its latest deal possible, the company took advantage of South Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program—an incentive package that offers qualifying manufacturers up to 80% in property tax reductions for ~5 years. As Stuller optimistically looks to the future opportunities that this expansion will bring, it remains a pillar of economic contribution and job creation in the community.


Lafayette Parish School District’s Campus Developments


The Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) recently celebrated the openings of two new campuses, Truman Early Learning Center and Carencro Bob Lilly Elementary School. Truman’s $26.5 million new campus in North Lafayette is a state-of-the-art school that can serve 600 Pre-K students. The facility was designed to support learning through interactive play and discovery, as well as accommodate the flexibility for small, group and outdoor activities across all four of its wings. This project is only the beginning of LPSS reimagining its campuses to better support the needs of students and teachers today.

In January of this year, Carencro Bob Lilly’s $34 million elementary school opened its doors to replace the former Carencro Heights Elementary School. The new facility allows the school to double the size of its student body for a total of 960 students from preschool to fifth grade. The architectural layout is tailored to create an engaging learning environment, featuring collaborative spaces such as discovery zones, a media and library center with amphitheater seating, and a large cafeteria that doubles as a performing arts stage. To improve operational efficiency and student convenience, each pre-K, kindergarten, and special education classroom is equipped with its own restroom facilities. Through these innovative designs and amenities, the school is poised to redefine the educational experience for South Louisiana’s youth.


Discover Life In South Louisiana


South Louisiana’s unique blend of culture and commerce gives the region a competitive edge that has attracted and sustained businesses across all industries. For employers, it’s not just a home base; it’s a strategic choice that promises growth opportunities and a collaborative environment where businesses truly thrive. Our philosophy behind economic success is simple: provide business owners with the necessary tools they need to succeed and the high quality of life they need to be fulfilled. 

From our wealth of business programs to our skilled workforces, there’s a lot to love about living and operating in South Louisiana. Ready to get a taste for yourself? Contact us today to get connected with all the resources you need on living life in the boot. 

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