The Growth of a Region: Why South Louisiana is Becoming the Premier Destination for New Businesses

Sep 6, 2022

There is no secret to building prosperity, it’s just the result of a lot of good, well thought out decisions. Every company’s contributions have an impact on economic development, but one company on its own can’t shift the fortunes of an entire region. Becoming a prime destination for new businesses is bigger than any one person, company, or government policy—but all of these factors are part of the equation for success. When analyzing its meteoric rise in economic growth over the past several years, it’s clear that South Louisiana is such a destination.

More Opportunities to Save 

When it comes to business, it really is all about the bottom line. Profit is ultimately what drives companies forward, which is why Louisiana has adopted business-friendly legislation to help companies maximize theirs. As a result, the state was ranked second in manufacturing output by Business Facilities in 2021—demonstrating exactly how such policies can enable companies to achieve maximum output from a minimal investment. 

Affordable energy is another big selling point of South Louisiana, especially for businesses that are prone to high power consumption. The state’s geographic position and existing infrastructure are also perfect tools for saving on operating costs. Easy access to several interstate highways, Class 1 railroads, deepwater ports, and primary airports means businesses are never short on options in regards to transit and shipping.

Access to an Outstanding Workforce 

Louisiana’s focus on workforce development has been paying massive dividends for several years now, as evidenced by the state earning the #1 spot in the national rankings for 13 consecutive years. This achievement is the result of carefully calculated decisions to encourage education, training, and opportunities to build meaningful experience. This includes broadening access to academic education, as well as investing in service and skills training programs.

Investment in people is what truly builds sustainable prosperity instead of just short-term gains. LED FastStart is lauded as the best workforce training program in the country year after year. Their “recruit, train, sustain” approach is not just a boon for the individuals that find gainful employment as a result, but also for the companies that employ these individuals. The benefits of having access to a pool of workers that are ready to work the moment they step foot in their fields is virtually immeasurable. Perhaps even more significantly, workforce engagement was another metric in which Louisiana topped the charts—workers in the region are famously enthusiastic and involved in their respective industries. 

Joining an Emerging Market

There are some qualities and factors that are hard to quantify or even really describe. For instance, the effect of joining an emerging market over one that is established or aging is hard to define, but it’s very tangible. That’s why members of the tech industry and other cutting-edge companies are always seeking a fresh economic environment that has a strong base, but still plenty of opportunity.

Riding the waves of an emerging economy is one of the best reasons for companies to move to South Louisiana. This area has life and a future brimming with possibilities, yet has deep roots of an established economic region—a unique combination. The Silicon Bayou nickname may have started in jest, but is becoming an undeniable reality. Recent relocation decisions by SchoolMint and CGI are just a few of the latest examples of newcomers to the area, and the presence of one of the country’s best high speed fiber optic networks is a large part of the attraction. 

Distinct and Flavorful Cultural Identity

Though recognized internationally as the birthplace of Cajun culture, that barely scratches the surface of why South Louisiana is so exciting and unique. World famous cuisine, year-round arts and music festivals, a growing film industry, fascinating wildlife—the list is seemingly endless. The reasons to do business in Louisiana are easily quantifiable, but the reasons to make it your home have to be observed firsthand to truly be understood. To immerse yourself in the culture of South Louisiana is an experience like no other: as infinitely rewarding as it is exciting.      

Strike While the Iron is Hot

Not many people are aware how few barriers to entry there are to starting a new life in South Louisiana. From existing structures to shovel-ready development sites—everything is in place to ensure an easy transition for any business looking to relocate or expand. Several sites across South Louisiana are 180-day development ready, which are certified after an extensive application and review process.

Whether you are ready to make a change or are simply planning for the future, it’s always a great time to explore the many opportunities Louisiana can offer. Talk to local business leaders, visit the area yourself, and check out incentive programs appropriate for your industry. The more you learn, the more you’ll learn to love Louisiana.

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