Southern Success Stories: SchoolMint

Apr 1, 2022

The Silicon Bayou welcomes another new member as SchoolMint selects a permanent home in Lafayette for their national showcase facility. As the leading K-12 solution provider for strategic enrollment management, SchoolMint is a major player in both technology and education industries. The company values the opportunities and incentives made available to them in South Louisiana. 

The Perfect Spot in South Louisiana

SchoolMint‘s leadership visited many locations around the area before choosing the downtown location at the old warehouse at 319 N. Monroe St. The ambiance of historic Downtown Lafayette combined with the convenience of local infrastructure and amenities were all major factors in the final decision.

When announcing the move at a press conference in 2020, Bryan MacDonald, SchoolMint CEO said this about the area, “As we learned more from that team and became more familiar with the unique benefits available in Lafayette, we were impressed by the strong local talent, innovative technical infrastructure, university-to-career pipeline, and pro-technology/pro-business climate.”

The company’s workforce has been housed in temporary locations since its decision to leave its original location in San Francisco, CA in 2020 to move to Lafayette. Finalizing the location of the new facility will allow the company to put down roots in Cajun Country. Work has already begun on the downtown site and SchoolMint employees could begin moving into the location as soon as the end of 2022.

Why Choose South Louisiana?

SchoolMint may be one of the newest additions to the area’s technology sector, but it’s certainly not the only company to make the move in recent years. The region’s access to a tech talent pipeline, low cost-of-living, and pro-business policies has created an accommodating and growth-friendly environment that has attracted businesses of all shapes and sizes including global players like CGI.

South Louisiana offers the ability to recruit and retain talent from a number of Louisiana universities focused on meeting and exceeding the software workforce demand with new initiatives. The region’s ample educational and training opportunities for workers means local employers have a wealth of human resources at their fingertips. These programs, which range from technical to academic, provide a diverse pool of professional labor to fill positions at every level of an organization.

The development of modern infrastructure is another major factor in the growth of the local software industry. The region also boasts an advanced fiber-optic network, solid transit infrastructure, and affordable power, which are all particularly appealing to tech companies. There are also plenty of sites that are ripe for development, which means lower property costs compared to other major tech hubs across the nation.

Embracing the South Louisiana Lifestyle

The charm of South Louisiana isn’t just the modern infrastructure and a friendly business climate. It’s also its people and culture. This is where Cajun Country really shines. The area is known for its food, which takes flavor to another level, but there is much more to enjoy in South Louisiana. 

Diverse and delicious dining opportunities are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. South Louisiana is also known for its festivals, live music, and other events to give locals and visitors something to celebrate all year long. 

The Future is Here

From competitive incentives to a world-class fiber network, South Louisiana keeps software companies connected to success. Many software developers, digital service providers and other tech companies like SchoolMint are seeing that the grass is greener in Silicon Bayou and making their way South for success.

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