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New Developments in Lafayette Embrace its History While Looking to the Future

Jan 3, 2022

With its historic festivals, unique cuisine and distinct music, South Louisiana is known for its unique heritage. While honoring its rich history, South Louisiana also looks to the future with investments in economic development, infrastructure, and technologies. This balance of is essential to growing an area successfully. A perfect example of South Louisiana’s heritage-minded growth can be seen in the recent announcement of two new developments in the area: The Forum and the Louisiana Music Museum.

Blending Life, Community, and Commerce

Situated on a site that covers 8.4 acres at the very heart of Lafayette, The Forum promises to bring new life and style to the area. Derek Curry, founder and CEO of Sneaker Politics and owner of The Forum developed the concept to be a destination featuring open spaces with a combination of residential and commercial potential to create an inviting, attractive location that supports other entrepreneurs.

This mixed-use commercial and multi-family development is designed to provide a “lifestyle center that is built around a collection of upscale boutiques, local/regional restaurants, and entertainment venues,” according to The Forum’s website.

This compelling venture involves the participation of local businesses and regional entrepreneurs who appreciate the project’s vision and future growth opportunities for the area. With a tentative completion date of Summer 2022, this unique collaboration hopes to create a new space within the community to live, work, and play.

Celebrating the Flavor of Music

Though its world-famous cuisine often takes center stage, the music of South Louisiana shares similar accolades. Appreciation of the unique heritage and expression of Creole and Cajun music will be at the core of the new Louisiana Music Museum, which is planned for the historic site of the Lafayette Hardware Store building in Downtown Lafayette

The Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA) has arranged to take over the iconic building and use it as a hub to present the stories of South Louisiana’s music history. The building currently spans 10,000 square feet and is on the National Historic Register, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for redevelopment. 

“The old hardware store is one of the most classic, beautiful buildings in Lafayette, and we are excited to take the first steps towards developing it as a new national destination for lovers of Louisiana’s music and culture,” said AcA Executive Director Samuel Oliver.

The Louisiana Music Museum is intended to be a living museum. In addition to educational opportunities for daily visitors, the space will also function as a traditional Cajun/Creole dance hall where visitors and locals can gather to celebrate Louisiana’s musical heritage through a new lens. 

Come Home to South Louisiana

Whether it’s shopping with friends at a new lifestyle center or learning to two-step in a Cajun/Creole dance hall, there’s always something to do in South Louisiana. It’s a place where innovation is encouraged and history is preserved. We welcome new residents, visitors, and businesses to stop by for a visit and experience South Louisiana.

Thinking of making a move? Learn more about the opportunities of living in South Louisiana today! 


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