Laying Roots in South Louisiana

Jul 1, 2021

South Louisiana is a place where businesses can develop, workforces thrive, and citizens enjoy the joi de vivre of Cajun culture. Businesses seeking new opportunities to lay roots will find that South Louisiana is an ideal place to dig in. Its recent national ranking of Top 10 for Certified Sites and Shovel-Ready Programs illustrates that South Louisiana not only has the talent and resources, but the capacity to house successful businesses. 

Break Ground with a Shovel-Ready Site

South Louisiana is ranked seventh in the nation for Certified Sites and Shovel-Ready Programs, which is ideal for local economic development. The Certified Business Site Program has identified numerous sites that are well-suited for industrial, business or mixed-use applications and has prepared them for third-party acquisition. Many of these locations are classified as 180-day development-ready, which means new owners can hit the ground running with their new project.

Locations listed as certified sites have already been screened for environmental factors, including soil analysis and surveys, as well as evaluated for potential zoning restrictions. Extensive due diligence operations helps site selectors to make informed decisions without waiting on lengthy studies on various locations. This allows the development process to begin more quickly.

Finding Growth while Navigating a Pandemic

A recent announcement by government and business officials highlights the region’s readiness and suitability for rapid industrial development. Executives of Ochsner Health, which is a major employer throughout the state, joined officials from SafeSource Direct and the state governor in announcing plans to launch two manufacturing facilities in South Louisiana for the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to demand and in preparation for future needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous difficulties for businesses and governments, but it has also given some regions the opportunity to showcase their readiness for fostering the rapid development necessary to address sudden and unpredictable challenges. As home to a substantial, preexisting medical industry, South Louisiana’s business-friendly environment made it an ideal choice for expedient development of these crucial production facilities.

Embrace a Vibrant Local Culture

Creating an attractive environment for business growth and development is only half of what it takes to offer a truly prosperous home for commerce and industry. The area also needs to be a desirable place to live, work, and play for hard-working, talented, and skilled employees. Fortunately, this is where South Louisiana really shines.

South Louisiana is famous across the country for its festivals, vibrant atmosphere, diverse culture, and fantastic food. It rivals the vibrancy of many of the nation’s metropolitan hubs without many of the problems, particularly high cost of living, commonly seen in those areas. There are plenty of reasons to love living here regardless of lifestyle, age, or personal goals.

Making the Move to Cajun Country

With culture and opportunities as rich as the food, both businesses and their employees find fulfillment in calling South Louisiana home. Businesses seeking new opportunities to lay roots will find that South Louisiana is an ideal place to dig in. 

View available sites in South Louisiana here.

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