8 Reasons to Move to South Louisiana

Mar 21, 2019

From one of the tastiest towns in the south to diverse pockets of culture, South Louisiana has something for everyone. Couple that with industries regularly making the move for our attractive incentives, and you have a perfect combination of quality of life and opportunity for anyone looking for a change of scenery. With everything the region has going on from month to month, making the move is a no-brainer, but if you need more proof, here are 8 reasons you should consider settling down in South Louisiana.

1. A Lil’ Lagniappe for Everyone

While the state is known for New Orleans, South Louisiana brings a little something extra to everyone who visits and more to those who make it their home. With Mardi Gras, numerous festivals held throughout the year, and a diverse culture known the world over for its food, music, and art, incoming professionals quickly find new hobbies, places to staycation, and a population just as willing to invite you over for dinner as they are to do your taxes.

2. People are Friendly (Really Friendly)

Speaking of the population, southern hospitality is more than just an adage. You will see it play out every day as you shop, enjoy your morning coffee before heading to the office or exit a store. Maybe that’s why incoming professionals put down roots and never look back—and many who leave find themselves returning after a few years.

3. It’s a Great Place to Go it Alone

If your company does not want to relocate, maybe you want to go it alone. South Louisiana is the land of entrepreneurship, and whether you’re considering starting your own restaurant or looking to build your own corporate ladder, the area has dedicated resources through the Opportunity Machine and its numerous incubator and SBA programs to help you get started.

4. Live it Large (Without Breaking the Bank)

A region can offer lots to do, but if you can’t afford it, what’s the point? South Louisiana’s cost of living is historically well below the national average, and most residents looking to buy or rent typically have an easy time finding a place to live—without the same sticker shock as the rest of the nation.

5. You’ll Never See a Snow Day Again

Another thing most people moving in don’t miss is the arctic chill that grips other locales during the winter months. Sure, it gets chilly, but it’s never blizzard cold.

6. A World of Opportunity, All in One Region

Local companies are experiencing healthy growth, creating amazing opportunities for new and potential residents to make their mark in the region. And, new industries are setting up shop regularly in the area as they recognize the value South Louisiana and its incentive programs bring to business. And, if you’re looking to take a chance and change careers, we’ve even got an award-winning training program perfect for getting you ready.

7. Great Schools for Families

Moving with children can be particularly stressful, making moving for work even more challenging. However, South Louisiana schools feature numerous top-rated charter, traditional, and magnet schools with low student-to-teacher ratios that enable children and their families to learn, interact and thrive.

8. Always Open for a Visit

You know that South Louisiana has the culture, the community, and the climate you need to take the next step. Isn’t it time to find that work-life balance you know you’ve always wanted? Learn more about what South Louisiana has to offer you today. Plan a visit, and connect with us to find out more.

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