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South Louisiana: An Abundant Agribusiness Landscape

May 11, 2023

The Louisiana lifestyle is forever linked with Cajun cuisine and the good times that flow from it, but the area’s connection with food goes much deeper. South Louisiana is home to some of the country’s best-known and best-loved agribusiness brands, prospering in a region offering a business-friendly climate, a well-trained and motivated workforce, and an enviable range of natural advantages.


In Good Company

With acreage to grow, nutrient-rich soil, and a hospitable climate, Cajun Country offers a fertile agricultural landscape for farmers and manufacturers to thrive. It’s the native crops and seafood of the region that has helped influence the beloved Cajun dishes we enjoy today, and in turn, growers who aspired to share those ingredients with the world. You’ve seen them on the shelves, you’ve served them at the dinner table, and each of these key producers has a success story that started from humble beginnings and a dream. 


  • Tabasco was founded over 150 years ago on Avery Island in South Louisiana and has grown into perhaps the world’s most famous hot pepper sauce. Selling in over 195 countries and territories, brand owner McIlhenny Company remains at its original location today.
  • Tony Chachere’s iconic Creole seasoning has been made in South Louisiana for over 50 years. In that time, the company has developed from a single operator to a 100-employee outfit occupying 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space that is still owned and operated by the Chachere family.
  • Supreme Rice is the leading exporter of milled rice on the Gulf Coast, shipping worldwide to over 50 countries. The company has worked closely with South Louisiana farmers for over 75 years and now processes over a billion pounds of locally-sourced rice each year.
  • Acadia Crawfish started life as a small boiled crawfish outlet in 1991 and is now a nationwide supplier of both seafood and seasonings. The company’s modern South Louisiana base includes extensive processing and dock facilities yet remains only a few blocks from the original site.


The Benefits of Operating Agribusiness in South Louisiana 

South Louisiana has emerged as a hub for agricultural businesses, offering numerous benefits to those operating in the region. The area boasts a diverse array of crops, from sugarcane and rice to soybeans and crawfish, thanks to its favorable climate and abundant natural resources. Additionally, the region’s proximity to major transportation ports, as well as its skilled labor force and supportive business environment, make it an attractive location for farmers seeking to grow their operations. 


Learn about some of the many benefits Cajun Country has to offer agribusiness owners who plant down roots:


Access to High-End Agriculture Research

South Louisiana is a center of cutting-edge agriculture research in the shape of LSU Eunice and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. By operating out of SOLA, you’ll not only have easier access to the latest knowledge and developments but also first pick on employing the students who train at these institutions.


Availability of Raw Agriculture and Aquaculture Products

If your agribusiness relies on a steady supply of high-quality produce, SOLA has you covered with excellent availability of raw materials including rice, sugarcane, soybeans, and more.


Additionally, companies including Iberia Research Station and H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station work continuously to develop new crop varieties and farming practices, ensuring your agribusiness can benefit from the latest innovations.


Low Industrial Energy Costs

Louisiana offers the fourth lowest industrial electricity rates in the US, translating into leaner running costs for manufacturing and agricultural businesses where energy is a key expense. SOLA’s commercial rates are nearly a quarter less than the national average, and thanks to reliable generation from an abundance of natural gas, the area avoids the energy price fluctuations that can be a serious drain on profitability elsewhere.


Availability of Land for Facility Expansion

Finding new space for expansion is simple in South Louisiana, thanks to the Certified Site program run by Louisiana Economic Development (LED). Under the scheme, potential sites are pre-certified to comply with relevant zoning restrictions and other regulations and are also assessed for soil quality and other essential features. Sites earning certified status are available and ready for industrial development straight out of the gate.


Expedited Environmental Permit Processing

South Louisiana’s expedited processing program keeps bureaucracy out of the way when you need an environmental permit or another operating license. By reimbursing the department for any necessary staff overtime or even by hiring an outside contractor to do the paperwork, your business won’t be left waiting for essential permissions.


Unmatched Quality of Life

And lastly, aside from its undoubted agribusiness advantages, SOLA also offers a rich quality of life with a “work hard, play hard” approach and an emphasis on family, friends, food, and music. If you’re looking to attract the best workforce talent, South Louisiana’s famed sense of “Joie de Vivre” is a powerful selling point.


Grow With Us

South Louisiana’s many qualities make it an ideal location for agribusiness of all shapes and sizes, from specialty agriculture to large-scale manufacturing and processing. How might your business flourish in SOLA’s nurturing environment? 


Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities awaiting you in South Louisiana!

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