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5 Reasons to Develop your Business in South Louisiana

Nov 1, 2021

Opportunity, stability, and diversity are essential components for successful business development. South Louisiana, which consists of nine parishes locally called “Acadiana”, is one of the few places with all three of these vital traits in full measure. It’s a place where professionals can find excitement, opportunity, and a thriving local culture, while employers enjoy access to a growing and diverse workforce as well as solid infrastructure.

There are plenty of great reasons for businesses and job-seeking professionals to gravitate to Cajun Country. It’s the perfect place to start a business, expand existing operations or make a new life for yourself. While we will highlight a few reasons here, we’re only scratching the surface of why South Louisiana means business. 

Location, Location, Location

Situated between the major cities of New Orleans and Houston, South Louisiana is blossoming with potential. The area boasts a population of over 1.5 million people within a 60-mile radius and serves as a hub for the surrounding region. This location not only ensures solid transit access, but also allows businesses to readily draw talent and resources from every direction.

In Good Company

South Louisiana is second in the nation for manufacturing output due to its low average operating costs, including the second-lowest industrial electricity rates, and favorable regulatory environment. The region’s big success stories include global food manufacturer Tabasco, helicopter service company PHI, and world-class IT service provider CGI. In addition to providing a home for global companies, South Louisiana also supports startups through tax and incentive programs, including the award-winning LED FastStart workforce training program and Louisiana’s Digital Interactive Media and Software Tax Credit, and the Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP).


As a major initial investment for a company, infrastructure is one of the biggest reasons to consider making the move to South Louisiana. In addition to our robust multi-modal transportation system, access to our world-class Fiber optics network connects locals while LONI serves Louisiana’s eight research universities, expanding their capacity for collaboration as it connects researchers to one of the most advanced optical networks in the country. The region is intersected by two major interstate routes and features multiple rail systems, commercial airports, and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico. 


Many business owners today will tell you that “if you build it, they will come” is only true in the movies. Access to a vast and diverse pool of talent to draw from when building or enhancing their staff is essential to sustaining a business. Employers can tap into a growing force of talented workers that already numbers over 300,000 and enjoy the benefits of one of the nation’s leading workforce training programs. They also have access to more than 75,000 post-secondary students with a continuing supply of industry-focused graduates from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana State University Eunice, South Louisiana Community College, and a myriad of technical colleges.

Joi De Vivre

Lauded as one of the last genuine cultural enclaves in the United States, there’s something special about the vibrancy, excitement, and joi de vivre of Cajun Country. If the delicious cuisine isn’t enough to draw your attention, the region’s lively culture also features a healthy variety of entertainment options ranging from upscale and esoteric to outdoor and family-friendly fun. The balance of working hard while taking the time to celebrate life is the cornerstone of Cajun culture. 

Take the Plunge Today

Whether you are looking to expand or start a business, or just want to learn about the opportunities of living in South Louisiana, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our team is dedicated to the economic development of our region by attracting professional talent, adventurous entrepreneurs, and employers who are looking for a favorable place to build their future. We help prospective members of our community find sites and discover opportunities to help them make the most of their transition to South Louisiana.

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