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Southern Success Stories: Cane River Pecan Company

Oct 1, 2021

Agriculture is one of the largest pillars of Louisiana industry. Some farms have been in Louisiana families for generations while new plots of land are cultivated for future harvests everyday. Enjoying an average of 217 sunny days a year and balmy 70 degrees with regular rainfall, Louisiana’s semi-tropical climate is ideal for the farming of a variety of crops. There are currently over 30,000 farms in the state and one of its most successful ones–Cane River Pecan Company–is located in the heart of South Louisiana.

Land That Tells a Story

The story of Cane River Pecan Company begins in 1969 when brothers Dan and Joe Regard purchased pecan orchards situated along the historic Cane River in Natchitoches Parish. Managed by their uncle, the property gained fame for its huge working pecan farm, historic plantation house, nationally-known artist residency and as the home to Louisiana’s most famous folk artist – Clementine Hunter.

Consumers Go Nuts

While there is some debate over how to pronounce the word “pecan”, there’s no debate over the quality of the products that Cane River Pecan Company offers. Their massive success in the B2B market specializing in corporate gifting has led them to expand their business with new products while maintaining their corporate gift selection of pecan-based products such as branded gift tins filled with roasted & salted, milk chocolate, and praline pecans.

The company’s success is largely due to the foresight of Jady Regard, Chief Nut Officer, and New Ibera native. His relationship to the land that his family has cultivated for generations gives him a unique tie to the company and the culture of South Louisiana.

“I love the fact that I’m a part of a family legacy,” said Regard in an interview with the Discover Lafayette podcast.

Regard acknowledges that pecan farming can happen in many other places in the South, but he’s quick to point out the specific benefits that doing business in his home base brings.

“Here it’s just something unique about our association,” said Regard.

And he’s right. The gourmet pecan-based gifts that the company offers are second to none and offer a special sense of southern hospitality and charm. Their boudin pie is a deliciously created specialty with sweet potato soufflé inside that’s a perfect balance of sweet and savory and makes you feel like you’ve just been given a proper southern welcome.

Cane River Pecan Company’s success story isn’t just limited to it’s notable history. It’s story serves as an inspiration to businesses that are facing uncertain times but still hold steady to their dreams of growth and progress.

As the company grew in 2020, it also faced an unprecedented pandemic and hurricane season. Remarkably, the company was able to successfully expand during this time increasing its footprint with specialty pickled products and other goods. Regard attributes their success to the quality of their products and the network established through their focus on nationwide BRB corporate giving.

South Louisiana Knows Business

Cane River Pecans is just one of the many agribusinesses that are finding success in South Louisiana. South Louisiana’s natural and business climate are conducive to growth. It allows both generational farmers and those looking to dig in now the opportunity to grow and cultivate success. 

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